Arista 7500R Series Universal Spine and Cloud Networks

Arista Networks 系列

Arista 7500R系列模組化設計之交換機,專為大型虛擬化和雲網路而設計,是業界性能最高的商用主幹交換機。 它們將100GbE高密度與internet scale table Sizes以及全面的L2和L3功能相結合。 進階EOS功能包含網路監控、精確對時、VXLAN網路虛擬化和EVPN的與豐富的硬體資源相結合,提供豐富的系統和模組選擇,以達成最有效投資保護。

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The 7500R modular chassis can accommodate a combination of the 7500E line cards or 7500R line cards providing a rich choice of density and speed:

7500R Line Cards Comparison:

The 7500R Series offer a broad choice of line cards with a choice of speed and density options up to 36 ports of wire speed 100GbE and 40GbE. Every 100GbE interface supports a choice of 5 speeds including 25GbE and 50GbE providing unparalleled flexibility and the ability to seamlessly transition data centers to the next generation of Ethernet performance.

7500R2 Line Cards:

Combined with the highly modular, robust Extensible Operating System (EOS), a dynamic smart deep buffer architecture with virtual output queuing for lossless forwarding, low latency and wire speed performance, the Arista 7500R line cards enable scalable and high performance data center solutions.




Each 7500R Series line card delivers a consistent set of features supporting layer 2 and layer 3 data center designs with predictable and linear scaling. Arista's FlexRoute Engine enables full Internet routing coupled with support for a variety of IP/MPLS/VxLAN protocols.

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